Obtaining a residence permit

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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is a visa free country. Foreigners (non-TRNC citizens) will be stamped an entry tourist visa upon arrival at the port of entry. The duration of the visa could be up to 90 days, no working allowed.

The property owners who are willing to stay for a longer period will need to apply and obtain a residency permit. This procedure is applicable to all nationalities.

The following documents are needed:

  • Confirmation of the residence (Ikametgah)
  • Bank statement from the local bank
  • Valid international passport and 1 copy
  • Registered contract of sales
  • Medical report (obtained in TRNC)
  • 2 passport sized photos

  • Confirmation of the residence

    You need to obtain a letter confirming your residency (Ikametgah) from the local administration in the district where your property is located. This letter must be signed, sealed and have stamps worth of 2 TL (equivalent to € 0.45). The stamps could be purchased in advance from the local post office.

  • Bank statement

    You will need to set up a bank account in any TRNC bank and should show sufficient funds to support your living in North Cyprus for one year (minimum 10,000 Euro per person)

  • Submitting documents to the Immigration Department

    An application should be submitted to the Immigration Department in the police station located in the region of your residence together with valid international passport, a registered contract of sale/a rental agreement and a letter of your residency from local administration. 

    You can submit your documents to the immigration department before your medical results are ready. You will need to provide these medical results when obtaining the residency stamp. The residency stamp takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

  • Obtaining a medical report

    The Immigration Department will direct you to the state hospital for blood tests. You should ensure that you have the copies of the following with you:

    o Your passport (including the pages with the photo and entry stamp to TRNC)

    o A registered contract of sales or a rental agreement

    IMPORTANT: The fee is 135 TL - equivalent to €30 (subject to change). Please ensure to collect a receipt and invoice from the hospital. The results will be ready in 7-14 days and should be collected from the state hospital in a closed envelope. You will need to show your passport to collect the results. Please do not open the envelope; otherwise, the results will not be valid and you will need to undergo the same procedure again.

Below is the list of the documents that need to be submitted to the local police station:

  • Account statement from the local bank
  • Receipt from the hospital
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Stamps worth of 13.50 TL (equivalent to €3)

In case you are applying for the residency permit for your family, you will need to provide documents confirming your relationship (marriage certificate and/or birth certificate for children under 18 years old). The documents should be translated and certified by TRNC or Turkish notary.

All your documents will be sent to the Ministry of Interior Affair’s Immigration Office in Lefkosa (Nicosia) within 2-3 weeks.

In order to get the residency stamp, you will need to go to the Ministry of Interior Affair’s Immigration Office with your passport and the medical results. You will also need to pay relevant fees there (250 TL, equivalent to €55 per year and 10 TL, equivalent to €2.25 worth of stamps).

You can request assistance from the office of your Lawyer for this procedure.