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The conditions of home quarantine are announced. First of all, there should be a home quarantine! Detailed instructions for people who can carry out quarantine at home.

Criteria for home quarantine:

- Elderly people over 70 years old

- Children under 12 years old

- Atherosclerotic heart disease, heart failure

- Patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy

- Cancer patients - those who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the last 6 months.

- Those who have undergone minor surgery within 1 month

- Those who have undergone major surgery within 3 months

- People with physical and mental disabilities

- People with neurodegenerative diseases

- The autism spectrum,

- Psychiatric cases diagnosed in more than the last 3 months (conclusion and treatment should be organized by a specialist psychiatrist).

- Those who live with a colostomy bag and a permanent urinary catheter

- People with end-stage renal failure who need dialysis

- Patients with organic and stem cell transplants

- Pregnant women

Those deemed appropriate to spend quarantine periods in their homes with wristbands will go to their residential addresses, where they must spend quarantine periods for 10-14 days, either in their own vehicles (without anyone in their vehicles) or public transport, taxis, tourist minibuses, authorized vehicles as defined by the Ministry of Finance.

If you or your loved ones are included in one of these criteria, then there are a few more important steps to register :

Before quarantine


You will need to submit an application for home quarantine to the Ministry of Health 3 working days before your arrival date in TRNC (Ercan) by sending an email to evkarantinasi@saglik.gov.ct.tr

Documents required in the application:

1. Disease report (if available )

2. Passport data

3. Information about the place of residence

4. Phone number and open quarantine address(the place where the quarantine will be carried out)

5. Information about your recent trips

6. Negative test result for COVID-19 in the last 3 days.

7. Full names, credentials, and signatures of those who will be quarantined at home.

8. Information about the purpose for which you went abroad and whether you stayed in a hotel / house abroad.

Before being quarantined, you need to download the Stay Safe(Guvende Kal) app from the App Store or Android Market to your mobile phone. After downloading the app to your phone, you must complete the necessary steps in the app and prepare your electronic wristband to match the QR code in the last step.

The mobile phone number that you provide for communication will be available during the quarantine, and the phone's Internet connection must be active.

To start the quarantine process, payment must be made by debit or credit card, 750 Turkish liras of which 350 (deposit) will be refunded at the end of the quarantine.

Your quarantine process will begin after the pairing and activation process is completed by the responsible personnel, while the Stay Safe app and the electronic wristband are ready for pairing.

You need to go to the place where you will be quarantined for the specified time and mark your location in the app. The phone must be charged.

By clicking on the link you can get the most information about the tracking system https://kktckarantina.com

Your quarantine process will be terminated with an SMS notification

What to pay attention to:

* You need to upload the PCR result to the app from the "Send PCR Result" field in the Stay Safe app.

* Your deposit will be refunded to your debit or credit card when you pick up the electronic wristband

For those who do not comply with the quarantine and isolation rules, heavy administrative fines and imprisonment will be imposed.

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